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About Tank or Tee

Who Am I?

I’m Andria. I make shirts out of fine art, add my own spin, and sell them; occasionally I use original designs. When you buy something through my store, Spreadshirt prints it and ships your shirt to you (and handles the payment). They also give me a modest commission since they’re doing most of the heavy lifting.

Why Spreadshirt?

  1. Because I printed a shirt there in 2017 and it still looks as good today as it did then. I’m not particularly gentle with my clothes and I never read/follow wash instructions. I also put this shirt in the dryer regularly.All other shirts I’ve gotten from other sites, the prints begin to crack and/or fade (with the exception of a Redbubble shirt I have). I bought two shirts from Teepublic in August 2021, and the print is almost entirely gone. In January 2022, I got swindled into trying Teepublic again, and the print was super blurry and the colors didn’t match the picture at all. I’ve been trying to fix them with permanent marker, but like, why is this necessary?
  2. They have a good interface for sellers and Spreadshop plugs right into WordPress.

Note: shirts fulfilled through Spreadshirt and other t-shirt printing sites often come to you smelling like vinegar from the printing process. It’s unattractive, but one wash and it’s gone.